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Vitalize Your Skin & Nails (3 units)

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Reveal your inner radiance with our Gummies Skin & Nails!  Boost your natural beauty with delicious flavors and essential nutrients. For stronger nails and radiant skin, adopt the gourmet secret of beauty that you can see and taste!
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Strengthened nails

Sublime skin

Natural glow

Organic formula

Description :

Vitalize Your Skin & Nails Gummies are your ultimate ally for radiant skin and strong nails. Each Gummy is an explosion of fruity flavours combined with a powerful dose of essential nutrients. Biotin, vitamin E and collagen, the star ingredients of our formula, work together to strengthen your nails, promote skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production.

Directions for use

We recommend eating 2 Gummies a day. A 3-months treatment period is optimal. After 3 months, a 1-month break is recommended before starting another treatment period.

Ingredients (Vegan, Halal, Sugar-free & Gluten-free)

Bulking agent : maltitol - acidifier agent :citric acid - gelling agent : pectin - zinc citrate - dry extract of nettle leaf (Urtica dioica L.) - nicotinamide (vitamin B3) - natural flavor - ascorbic acid (vitamin C) - sodiumascorbate (vitamin C) - acidifier agent : sodium citrate - concentrate (carrot, pumpkin and apple) - coating agent: carnauba wax - cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) - cholecalciferol (vitamin D).

Nettle extract

Provides antioxidants for radiant skin and supports collagen production, strengthening nails.


Supports skin health, promotes healing and strengthens nails, integrated into our Gummies Vitalize Your Skin & Nails for radiant beauty.

Vitamin B12

Stimulates cell regeneration, reduces redness and contributes to a radiant complexion in our delicious Gummies.

Vitamin B3

Moisturizes, soothes and improves texture, added to our Gummies for soft, nourished skin.

Vitamin C

Key antioxidant, prevents skin damage, promotes collagen production, an essential ingredient in our gummies.

Vitamin D

Regulates the immune system, supports skin and nails health, an asset in every Skin & Nails Gummy.

How do I take Vitalize Your Skin & Nails?

We recommend 2 Gummies a day for 3 months. 1 unit contains 60 Gummies.

What are the benefits of Vitalize Your Skin & Nails?

Vitalize Your Skin & Nails contain ingredients like Zinc, Vitamin C and Collagen that promote healthy skin, strengthened nails and improve their appearance.

Are Vitalize Labs Gummies suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, our Gummies are 100% vegan, with no animal products, offering a nutritious option for everyone.

Is there allergens in Vitalize Labs Gummies?

Our Gummies are gluten-free and formulated without major allergens. Please consult the list of ingredients on the packaging for more information.

How long does it take to see results?

Results vary from person to person, but many of our customers notice an improvement in the quality of their skin and nails after just a few weeks of regular use.

Can I take other supplements while using Vitalize Your Skin & Nails?

Yes, our Gummies are compatible with other food supplements. However, overdosing your overall vitamin intake may lead to non-desired symptoms.