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Nails, our friends for life

Have you noticed that changing temperatures weaken our immune systems, our nails and our skin?

Even when you pay special attention to them, it's not always easy to keep your nails looking their best. Like your hair, your nails reflect your state of health.

That's why it's so important to strengthen and boost them.


To look after your nails and be as healthy as you can be (got it? 😉 ), you can follow a few basic tips such as:

Take care of yourself every day,
Avoid stress, fatigue and excesses of all kinds,
Drink plenty of water,
Avoid external toxins (alcohol, tobacco, pollution),
The health of your nails also depends on what you put on your plate. A healthy diet is essential.


As you already know, a healthy diet is directly linked to the health and beauty of your skin and hair. And it's the same with your nails: the healthier you eat on a daily basis, the stronger your hair, the healthier your nails and the more radiant your skin.

Nails need a high protein intake to grow properly. This particular protein, keratin, is also essential for hair growth. In addition to keratin, your nails need zinc, iron and B vitamins, which are essential for keratin production. All these nutrients are supplied by your diet. So it's vital to eat enough of the right foods for your hair and nails.

The best foods for nails
To provide your hair and nails with all the minerals they need, opt for protein-rich foods.

Among the most recommended are salmon, eggs, red meat, whole grains, legumes and nuts. To meet your iron needs, red meat, oysters and green vegetables such as spinach and nettles are ideal. Zinc-rich almonds and antioxidant blueberries will also help keep your nails healthy.

The worst foods to avoid for nails
On the other hand, there are a number of foods you should avoid if you don't want all your efforts to be tarnished. These include sugar, which has inflammatory properties and should therefore be avoided if your body is to function properly. It's not a question of no longer eating sweet foods, but of avoiding excesses. Other foods to avoid for nail health: alcohol and coffee. Excessive consumption can also harm the body and have repercussions on nail beauty. Finally, tobacco is known to damage the body and turn nails yellow.


To avoid any deficiencies, a healthy, balanced diet is essential. However, it is sometimes necessary to resort to dietary supplements to meet all your nutritional needs.

To fortify your nails and hair naturally, you can turn to gummies, particularly renowned for their hair and nail benefits. Rich in B-group vitamins, Vitalize Your Skin & Nails is particularly effective in combating unhealthy nails.

Seaweed, rich in minerals, is also a famous dietary supplement for your nails.

Before taking any supplements, however, be sure to seek advice from your doctor, who will adapt your treatment to your needs.

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